About us

Triera KZ LTD is a modern, multi-business, dynamically developing company that unites highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.
Triera KZ LTD has been working in the Kazakhstan market for more than 7 years and has proved itself as a reliable and serious partner in the field of production.
The main operations of the company are:

  1. Production of high-quality fodder yeast, in accordance with GOST 20083-74.
    Yeast fodder is a high-value protein supplement used in the production of mixed fodders and protein feed mixtures, as well as premixes for feeding any kind of farm animals: cattle, fur-bearing animals, poultry and even fish.
  2. Production of PVC sandwich panels..
    The PVC sandwich panel is a building element with a three-layer structure. Two outer layers are sheets of strong, rigid material. Inside a sandwich is a heater - XPS. PVC sandwich panels are widely used in the manufacture (installation) of window and door plastic structures and office partitions. Also, the sandwich panels are used in finishing works: finishing of window and door jambs.
  3. Production of the Fifth Element(Pyatyi Element) brand toilet paper and paper towels
    The Fifth Element (Pyatyi Element) toilet paper of an economy class is produced according to GOST R 52354-2008 from MS-7 grade waste paper without adding bleach. The Fifth Element (Pyatyi Element) toilet paper of a premium class is made of 100% cellulose. The Fifth Element (Pyatyi Element) paper towels are made of 100% cellulose and moisture-resistant.

The Triera KZ LTD is a team of like-minded and qualified specialists focused on the results and setting long-term relationships with the customers
Our company uses modern and high-tech equipment ensuring high-quality products and work performance in a timely manner.

It's a pleasure to work with us!